Abstract Book

Abstract Book

Abstract book of a conference or workshop may include abstracts (or extended abstracts) of all accepted papers, poster presentations, oral communication, workshop, etc. Conference organizers can publish abstracts of their meetings as a monograph with ISBN (if online with DOI).

Maayan Publications invites conference organizers to submit a proposal for publishing their abstract as a book with the following features:

  • Besides being included in the Abstract book, each abstract will also be available separately.
  • Indexing of each abstract in Google Scholar.
  • Free unrestricted worldwide access to all abstracts.
  • Conference organizers retain full editorial control.
  • Low publication cost of Abstract Book with ISBN.
  • Abstracts are not considered as pre-publication and hence author(s) are free to publish the full paper in any scholarly journal.
Publishing Conference Abstract Book

Conference abstract book gets published with an associated ISBN (if online with DOI). Publishing abstracts with ISBN and trusted publishers for the conference is very useful to keep the conference record, disseminate globally, and distribute to the participant in a convenient and efficient way. The abstract book of the conference can contain abstract or extended abstract in accordance with the following abstract structure. All contents of the abstract book should be in the English language only.

Abstract Structure

  • The Paper’s title, author(s) name, affiliations, and keywords should be included appropriately.
  • The abstract should have at least 300 words. Adding a graphical abstract is preferred.
  • We encourage the author(s) to write an informative abstract by focusing on its background, objective, methodology, key results, conclusion, and recommendation. Refer to writing an effective abstract.
  • Each abstract should be in the English language & start on a new page.

How to Publish Conference Abstract Book?

The conference organizer should read the information available on this page and submit the abstract book proposal by clicking here. After reviewing the conference detail if we agree to publish, a payment link and instructions will be sent to the organizer. After successful payment of the fee, the conference organizer may use our name/logo as their abstract publishing partner. The organizer should collect and send us the complete content of the abstract book in a single editable word file format. Each abstract should start on a new page. We will copyedit and publish it with ISBN and DOI as Abstract Book within 3 weeks.

Can I get hard copies of the Abstract Book?

Yes, hard copy (having separate ISBN) is available with a print-on-demand option by paying the additional printing cost. Printing will require one-week additional time and delivery may take 3-10 days depending on the location. Contact us for a quote by providing the number of pages, number of copies, preferred book size, and postal address of the delivery location.

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