We are an independent publishing company in India.

We pride ourselves on our wide range of genres and giving ambitious authors a platform that is so rarely available in the publishing industry today.

A little more than a decade ago, the publishing industry was confined to printed works—traditional books, newspapers, and magazines. With the advent of digital information, the book industry now publishes in blog, e-book, Web site, and other electronic formats.  

This industry employs a diverse workforce to assist in the many stages of publishing. Writers, researchers, and editors develop and refine copy; artists and graphic designers position text and images for readability on the page and on the screen; press and production operators produce physical documents; digital designers and developers prepare electronic publications; and sales and marketing forces disseminate and distribute the products.

But our company follow both print and electronic publishing.

Maayan Publications following three types of publishing process. That are mentioned below:

  • Traditional Publishing
  • Self-Publishing
  • Hybrid Publishing

Maayan Publications are publishing following types of books publishing, depending mainly on the market for the book.

  • Consumer, trade or general publishing
  • Scholarly publishing
  • Educational & Academic publishing
  • Professional publishing
Perfect choice to publishing!

We have everything for publishing your high-quality content!

Through our outstanding combination of personalities, methods, and industry-specific expertise, we perform perfect solutions to publishing. Our publications include printed (hardcover and softcover) and electronic books, journals, conference proceedings, handbooks, book chapters, higher and school education contents, encyclopedias, edited collections, series collections and others.