An audiobook is a type of book that is meant to be listened to rather than read. It features a professional narrator who reads the book aloud for listeners. Audiobooks can be downloaded in the same way as music or videos, and can be enjoyed on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Additionally, platforms like Storytel, Audible, Spotify, and others allow for direct streaming of audiobooks.

Why Convert Your Book/Manuscript into an AudioBook?

In recent years, audiobooks have become the latest buzzword in the book industry, offering a profitable avenue for authors and a convenient option for readers. Positioned between traditional books and visual entertainment, audiobooks provide the best of both worlds for contemporary audiences. They enable today’s busy readers to incorporate literature into their daily lives by pairing listening sessions with other essential chores. By doing so, audiobooks are transforming people into avid readers. Here are 7 reasons why publishing your book as an audiobook is a wise decision:

  1. Audiobooks have gained popularity due to their entertainment value compared to traditional books.
  2. They are easy to play and quick to finish, making them an appealing choice for busy readers.
  3. With the reasonable cost of production and publication, many authors opt to self-publish their audiobooks, leading to greater profits.
  4. Audiobooks also offer a great opportunity to tap into non-reading audiences and increase book sales.
  5. They can also benefit visually impaired and other challenged individuals.
  6. The literary world has seen a significant increase in the sales of audiobooks in recent years, making them a wise investment for authors.
  7. Moreover, audiobooks can serve as effective promotional tools for authors, as they are engaging and excellent suspense-builders.

What can you publish as an Audiobook?

Any book that can be read aloud can be transformed into an audiobook. Popular genres for audiobooks include drama, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, horror, action thrillers, detective fiction, dystopia, satire, mystery, and folklore. In addition to these literary genres, contemporary topics such as biographies, essays, memoirs, cookbooks, collections of speeches, and stories of achievers are gaining popularity among writers.

How to Publish an Audiobook?

Step 1: Send us your manuscript/published book for review

Step 2: Based on the word count, you will pay the production and publication cost

Step 3: We will assign professional audio storytellers and voice artists to read your book in a professional studio setup.

Step 3: We will do a Professional audio editing

Step 4: We will make your audiobook available in 40+ audiobook platforms

Audiobook Production and Publication Fee

Audiobook production and publication fee is INR 9999/$149 (upto 10000 words) with other related services mentioned in the package. If the book size is more than 10000 words , author needs to pay additional INR 750/$15 per 1000 words.

Audiobook Package

ISBN & Copyright






Pre-Recording Services


Publishing Consultation


Publication Manager


Recording Services


Professional Narrator


Professional Studio Recording



Post-Recording Services


Sound Editing & Mixing




Book Visuals


Audiobook Cover


Video Format


Audiobook Cover Illustration




Global Listing and Distribution

On 40+ Platforms

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