Thesis Publication

Thesis Publication

Publishing your thesis as a book monograph can be a crucial step to furthering your career in academia or related professions. Not only does it allow you to share your research with a wider audience, but it can also enhance your credibility within your discipline and deepen your understanding of the field. While your thesis may have had a limited readership, publishing it online as a book has the potential to attract a significantly larger audience. Ultimately, publishing your thesis as a book can serve as a valuable foundation for building an academic career and making an impact in your field.

When it comes to academic theses and dissertations, we publish them as a thesis monograph complete with an ISBN and, if available online, a DOI. These publications are then deposited into the thesis database. However, it’s important to note that all submitted manuscripts will undergo an internal review process, which may result in several modifications as per the editor’s instructions. Therefore, authors should anticipate the need to revise and refine their work based on the feedback they receive.


Send the following details (compiled in a single pdf file) to
1. Author’s updated CV.
2. Supervisor’s detail (Name, designation, affiliation, email id/mobile number); we may contact the supervisor for verification.
3. Scanned copy of the thesis approval certificate.
4. Scanned copy of the degree certificate (or provisional or mark sheet if Thesis Title mentioned in the mark sheet) awarded based on the said thesis.
5. List of publications (if any) from the thesis with its online link.


Once all documents have been reviewed and deemed appropriate, you will be requested to format your thesis in a consistent style and submit it to us in an editable Word file format.


If your thesis is deemed suitable for publication, you will be required to pay an online publishing fee of $100 (or Rs. 5000/+GST for Indian students) and should anticipate receiving feedback and guidance from the editor regarding necessary modifications to your work. Please note that the publishing process may take up to 2 months or longer to complete.

Who Can Submit?

Individuals who have already received a degree from their institution based on an approved thesis are eligible to submit their work for publication as a thesis monograph. This includes students who have completed their thesis as well as their supervisors, who can submit the work on behalf of their students by providing the necessary documentation and the student’s contact information.

Can the supervisor act as a co-author?

While supervisors can be included and acknowledged in the inner pages of the publication as per academic thesis standards, they cannot be listed as co-authors of the thesis monograph. We publish the academic thesis in its standard form as a ‘Thesis Monograph’, with only the single student who authored the work being listed as the official author.

Thesis Publication Fee

Once approved by the editor, authors will be required to pay a non-refundable publishing fee of $100 (or Rs. 5000/+GST for Indian students) to cover the costs associated with thesis publication.

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