Project Management

Project Management

Maayan Publications offers end-to-end editorial and production project management for authors and publishers of journals, books, newsletters, magazines, and more. With our years of experience and cross-trained staff, we tailor our services and workflows to satisfy your unique requirements.


Our experienced project managers are available for complete management of your publication. Think of them as the “hub” of your key stakeholder network. Your assigned project manager will facilitate communication among publishers, editors, authors, freelancers, compositors, and printers — all while ensuring your projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to your exact specification.


Maayan Publications knows what is needed to make a great publication. Make sure your project gets started on the right foot!

  • Prepare and maintain publication style guides
  • Establish production schedules and cycles
  • Consult on best practices and preferred vendors (peer review platforms, compositors, graphic designers, translators, indexers)
  • Set up and monitor each stage — from manuscript assessment to editing, page layout, and design, proofs, and deliverables
  • Provide guidance on needed steps and timeline to successfully launch a journal (subscription-based or open access), including needed personnel and documentation

Streamlining is great, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your vision Maayan Publications diverse publishing experience means we know how to marry practicality and creativity.

  • Work with clients to understand their requirements and preferences
  • Define workflow to accommodate client specifications
  • Build a team of peer review and production experts from our in-house staff
  • Coordinate copyediting, design, typesetting, and printing services

Our clients have a lot on their plates. Maayan Publications with handling every piece of your publication, from daily operations to long-term goals.

  • Liaise with authors, editors, publishers, and other stakeholders
  • Oversee production services and maintain schedules
  • Supervise design elements, composition, page proof acquisition, distribution, and review
  • Facilitate author communication, including query resolution and proof checking
  • Provide services ranging from page design and typesetting to processing complex content and graphics
  • Produce traditional print pages or electronic deliverables, such as ebooks and web-optimized PDFs.

If you’re looking to fine-tune your workflow, Maayan Publications has the know-how to improve efficiency and suggest best practices or software.

  • Review current production processes and recommend solutions to avoid bottlenecks or improve publication quality
  • Assist in migrating your journal workflow to a new peer review platform or online XML-first composition management system
  • Offer guidance on organizing author, reviewer, and editor inquiries
  • Assist and guide publishers and authors to launch new journals, magazines, and book projects

Ease the transition to eLearning, putting our publication knowledge to use in creating a great online experience. We create end-to-end online learning curriculums on a variety of Learning Management Systems.

  • Develop editorial training course content, including copyediting and proofreading worksheets tailored to your specified style guide
  • Assist in creating end-to-end online learning curriculum in a variety of Learning Management Systems (both cloud-based and open source), including activity instructions, link to resources, and quiz questions with answer varieties
  • Proof all online courses for accuracy and user experience
  • Convert static PDF materials to editable formats, such as Google docs, for easy integration with Google Classroom or other content delivery platforms
Perfect choice to publishing!

We have everything for publishing your high-quality content!

Through our outstanding combination of personalities, methods, and industry-specific expertise, we perform perfect solutions to publishing. Our publications include printed (hardcover and softcover) and electronic books, journals, conference proceedings, handbooks, book chapters, higher and school education contents, encyclopedias, edited collections, series collections and others.