Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Embracing best practice

We always utilize publishing best practice approaches to ensure your manuscripts (print or digital) reaches the largest audience possible, and that you will enjoy longevity and quality in every aspect. It’s by concentrating on doing the best in the industry (and for the author) that we are seen as great for publishing and business.

We listen, we care, we serve

We’re your publishing partner and we need to know your vision for your manuscript, and the result you wish to achieve.  The only way we can learn that is by listening and engaging with you and then sharing our publishing expertise to make it happen.

Integrated approach

Writers write, editors edit, typesetters typeset, designers design and publishers publish and yet sometimes there’s a gulf between them. At Maayan Publications, we integrate your writings with great design and publishing function seamlessly. Making the transition to a published author (and independent publisher) seem effortless. This is our goal and your dream.

We exist in cyberspace and for real

This may sound strange but we are primarily an online based company BUT we strongly believe you should be able to speak to people if necessary, during the creation of your book/ebook, alleviating communication issues and ensuring a strong understanding of your requirements and building an ongoing relationship. For those who are interested, we are based in the India yet operate globally.

We don’t believe bigger means better

We consider our authors to be partners and want to know you by your name. When you deal with Maayan Publications you’re not just a job number, a book name or an invoice. We know, and our authors can attest to, the best results come when we all feel like part of the same team.

Expertise and Experience

Maayan Publications has a team of professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to bring a writer’s work to its best possible form. This can include editors, proofreaders, designers, marketers, and more.

Global Distribution 

 We sell published paperbacks & hard covers through major online booksellers such as, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, Books-A-Million, etc. Our titles are also available in the following international markets: United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, and Australia. We also provide wholesale distribution through distribution companies such as Baker & Taylor and Ingram.

Fast, High Quality Printing 

Books are professionally printed using the most advanced print-on-demand technology on the planet. Each book we print includes a full-color cover. We offer black & white interior page printing as well as color interior page printing (the latter is ideal for children’s book publishing, for example). Your self-published paperback/hardcover book will be of the highest quality!

Quick Publishing Turnaround Time 

Purpose Publishing books are usually published within 90 days. This is one of the best turnaround times you’ll see in the publishing industry.

Marketing and Promotion

Maayan Publications can provide marketing and promotional support to help a writer’s work reach its target audience. This can include advertising, social media, book tours, and other promotional activities.

Perfect choice to publishing!

We have everything for publishing your high-quality content!

Through our outstanding combination of personalities, methods, and industry-specific expertise, we perform perfect solutions to publishing. Our publications include printed (hardcover and softcover) and electronic books, journals, conference proceedings, handbooks, book chapters, higher and school education contents, encyclopedias, edited collections, series collections and others.